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TOTAL Power! What If They've Got It and You Don't?

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Introduction to TOTAL Power of ONE in America:
A Powerful Premise with a Powerful Promise
Life Power Tools turn YOU, Power Of ONE into a TOTAL Power of ONE!
Power-up your life, one Life Power Tool a day, one chapter a day.

A Quick Read

The Gathering of Summaries

26. The Joy has been the Journey to TOTAL Power of YOU in America!
Magic heroic numbers: 4-2-48-17. Ordinary people/extraordinary mission. America's
finest: The ultimate price. The Pride and the Passion. Youth: Flourish or perish.
Hope. America, I love you. The TOTAL Power of ONE is YOU!

1. FREEDOM: Your First Most Priceless Treasure
We take freedom too much for granted. Freedom: One of the most misunderstood,
least appreciated blessings we have.

2. The Power of ONE: A Philosophy for Living
A high-belief, high-possibility, high-achievement way of living. One person, YOU,
can make a BIG difference. Here's how.

3. Power Challenge: Read the Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights makes you “ten feet tall,” bigger even than the U. S. Government.
That's really big! Freedom discussed.

4. Power Challenge: Talk to Kids!
Our youngsters really need all of us to talk to them, listen to them, be with them.
Reasons, ways, to inform, inspire youth.

5. Economics: A Short Course in a Life Science!
Real life economics: not numbers or theories, but a “life science” to fight and win the
battle for survival.  Money and a model.

6. Free Enterprise: The Mysterious Magical
            Misunderstood System That Works  Better
Free enterprise: What is it? A little understood part of life.
Economic ignorance destroys this Idea of Freedom that really works.

7. The Character Imperative of Free Enterprise:
Discipline, Honor, Integrity

Ethics, values, beliefs, manners, courtesy, virtue requisites of civilized life in a free
enterprise economy. Commitment, etiquette, gratitude and The Golden Rule make life work better.

8. The Miracle Magic of ROBIS:         
Role Of Business In Society!

Business is PEOPLE, five sets who work together. Who's THE BOSS?
How does business create value? Business Dynamic Duo: DRV-do right voluntarily,
and BBI-balanced best interests. Entrepreneurship. Balance between business and government.

9. Learn and Teach the Miracle Magic of Profit:
          The Dwarf that Slays Giants!
Exactly what is profit, the most misunderstood concept in America?
How big is it? Why is it important?
Who--takes the risk, makes the investment, does the work, pays the bills, gets the rewards?

10. Work is Love Made Visible.
Let Your Light Shine!

What is work? Power, need and fulfillment of work.
Search, find work, build, grow in your job. Build a career. Create a life.

11. Power Challenge to Business: 
            Start an Employee Economic Awareness Program!
The “boob tube” murders the image of business. The awesome business-killing power
of television. What to do? Supplement economics "life science" education in the
workplace with a voluntary, effective “WIIFM” Employee Economic Awareness Program!

12. Power Challenge:
Be a Seeker of Truth, and a Finder Also!

What is truth? Lower barriers to truth. Creatures of Habit. Seeking Truth via the
U. S. Constitution. Like Gold, Truth is where you find it. Back to Basics.
How to Read a Newspaper for fun and profit.

13. It's a Whole New Ball Game and We're not Even on First Base!
The battle of ideas. Ideas have consequences. Get in the game of life and ideas.
Batter up. A hard hit. Around the bases: 1st-base, Economic Awareness; 2nd-base,
Political Awareness; 3rd-base, Political Involvement. Home Run¾”Isms” and Ideologies.

14. The Political Spectrum:
Power of Political Understanding in America!

The nebulous political “left” and “right”: fascism, communism, socialism, republic,
democracy, where they fit, how and why?

15. Rounding Third Base:
Getting Active and Involved in Politics

The nature and power of politics. Dirty politics? Involvement levels: spectator, participant, enthusiast, activist.
Activity levels: supportive, elective, appointive, directive.
A how-to, what-to involvement guide. Politically influence government and people.

16. America:
A Republic, not a Democracy.

What's the Difference?
Democracy vs Republic: Total tyranny against relative freedom. Shifting definitions.
A horse thief, posse and hanging. Five political systems to two. Monopolistic vs competitive capitalism.

17. Discovering the Freedom Documents:
            Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights
Freedom Documents, an overview. Constitution where the people tell the
Government what to do.
Today: Ex post facto laws, “no title of nobility,” a sign, a horse, a lighted cross.

18. The Home Run:
Ism's, Ideologies, and Ideas

Precision Learning: Back to Basics, Dictionary, Encyclopedia. The Liberal-
Conservative “Flip-Flop”; party labels, Republican, Democra1t, Communism,
Marx' Communist Manifesto, “Miracle.”

19. ROGIA:
Role Of Government In America

Government and freedom, same or opposite? Riddle of government. Incomplete
Conquest. Nature of Taxation. Government Growth: 1/2% a year. How big?
Comparisons. Illusions. Samuel says, God says. CREEP: Time flies, government grows. The enigma.

20. Smaller Government: A Goal Worth Adopting
Why government grows. Butter: How the taxpayer paid four times. “Priming the
Pump” pumps up government, and how! Facts and figures. Tremendous tax tricks.
Reduced standard-of-living. A comparison: How BIG is government?

21. Government's Role:
A Model for Understanding
Size, Growth, Problems, Promise
What is Role Of Government In Society (ROGIS)? WIPS? NOQ! Common
Defense, General (not Specific) Welfare. Madmen, scribblers, ideas. Misery,
prosperity and GOAL 25-25; The Two Percent Solution. Big government:
assault on the family. A politician views government size. Gift of understanding:
What to do with it?

22. Lifetime Financial Planning
            for Personal Security and Financial Independence
Pay you first. Your 1st assignment and greater assignment. Credit: Buy now or wait?
Time value of money and your new money partner “Bizwhiz.” How much to save for
retirement? Net worth, cash flow, budget. Successful financial management.

23. The Triangle + Approach to Personal Wellness :
             Diet, Exercise, Relaxation, Plus!
Fitness success formula: Tough mind, sound body, hardy spirit. What's a TAB?
Cholesterol and fat, long life, early death? High blood pressure, weight control, heart,
blood and arteries. Pulse-rated exercise. Power of relaxation.
The final dimension: “Plus.”

24. Multiply Your Power of ONE to the Power of ONE More!
The Power of ONE is the power to make a difference. New goal:
MULTIPLICATION. The Involvement Process: “6 Be’s”. Power of ideas,
information, “greats.” KIMAX. Reach out.

25. MULTIPLY Your Power of ONE More to Powers of Many More!
The Greatest Speech. The Change Process. MASO: Multiply and So On.
Multiply- Multiply. “Throw the rascals out”; the incumbents and William Shakespeare.
Network Building for life.

      26. The Joy has been the Journey to TOTAL Power of YOU in America!


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