What Others Are Saying

Total Power of One in America is a book for our times. It belongs in every home, school, church, and public Library in America.
It is truly a masterpiece.

–DR. Nino Camardese, president, founder, Americanism Foundation, Norwalk OH

Total Power of One in America is the book of the decade
on self-empowerment for effective citizenship in a free Society...
…timely for the challenges we face as American’s Today,
and timeless in its application or eternal truths.
It will grab you, move you, and just possibly change you forever.

–Colorado State Senator John Andrews, Founder, Independence Institute

Fred Holden knows the truths that helped make America Great
and he explains those truths in this valuable book.  A worthwhile read.

—Governor Bill Owens State of Colorado

…should be required reading for every citizen in our nation...
…teachers and students in our schools...
…every candidate for elected office, not excluding present members of Congress.

—James B. Warner, president Waterworks Sales Co, Denver CO

…a compendium of wisdom…pointing the way toward the Light of freedom

—Dr Hans F. Sensholz, past president, Foundation for Ecoomic Education, Irvin-on_Hudson NY

…informative, inspirational and easy to read. I recommend it for students of all ages!

—Pat Miller, president Citizens for Responsible Government, Arvada CO

 ..the only other book you’ll ever need, absolutely Outstanding...
…best reference book I’ve ever had

—Katherine Anderson, past-president, Colorado Union of Taxpayers

 ..a bold no nonsense book which provides the reader with  the
“Street Smarts” of America’s economic, business and  political systems. 
Every citizen will profit from its Information, motivation and challenge.

—Tom Trembath, elementary school Principal, Arvada, CO

…provides an educational framework for understanding the
Essential elements within our society...
…a practical, pragmatic Roadmap for personal commitment and action.

—Kim Woods, vice president Morris Massey Associates, Boulder, CO

…On my “Good Idea Per Page” index, your book should Receive a Gold Metal. 
Books like these are rare.

—Gerald Musgrave, Ph.D., President, Economics America, An Arbor MI

With all my education in medicine and experience in life I still had
many serious gaps and misunderstandings. 

Total Power of one in America filled every one of them

—Dr. John Lanzalotti, Physician, Public Policy Director, Jeffersonian Public Policy Foundation, Wiliamsburg VA

…an owner’s manual for the American Citizen – gives us Hope!
A textbook every student should study in a required American civics course
…something our education system Grossly ignores.  

—Robert Ley, marketing director, Indianapolis IN

…should be required reading for every citizen in our Nation...
.. .teachers and students in our schools..every candidate for elected office,
not excluding the present members of Congress.

—James B. Warner, president Waterworks Sales Co, Denver, CO

…informative, inspirational and easy to read.  I recommend It for students of all ages!
—Pat Miller, president Citizens for Responsible Government, Arvada CO

…has given me strength through knowledge by exposing the Truth…as thousands read your masterpiece, they will heed the call and make the devotion necessary
to give our  country a rebirth of freedom to endure the ages.

—Claire Orr, President, Colorado State Board of Education

  …one of a kind…teaches us how to live and prosper in our great Free Enterprise System,
how to be a good citizen and, most important,
how to hold on to our precious tradition of freedom.

—Hazel Barrett, Arvada CO letter to Rocky Mountain News

…A target bound missile is no match for the unerring
Guidance contained on the pages of this masterpiece...
…Fred Holden invites you to become a stalwart, one who can stand up and be counted.

—A.R. Patten, Jr., President (retired), Patten and Company, Arvada CO

 The Wealth of quotations alone is worth the price of admission.

—Steve Olstad, businessman, Freelance writer, Broomfield CO

…to return America to where she was, we need only the Bible,
the U.S. Constitution and
Total Power of One in America.
That is the value of this book!!

—Dennis Zellaha, businessman and concerned citizen, Milford IA

Your book is awesome.
If we could encourage districts to use that as a textbook we could
save our country starting in Colorado. I just love it, just love it.

—P.J. Johnson, member Colorado State Board of Education

I believe every library, public and private, ought to have a copy(s)
…This book has enriched my life!

—Jim Shook, manager property taxation, StorageTek Corporation, Louisville CO

A life guide book, should be mandatory to graduate
…an understanding of business, economics,
politics, taxes, work, enterprise and government.

—John Hancock, WBT, talk show host, Charlotte NC

…the one to read to understand how the world works,
what to do for success. I highly recommend it.

—Terry L. Brock, president, Achievements Systems Inc., Norcross GA

The best book I ever read on so many subjects vital to us all.
—Carl Wigglesworth, WOAI talkshow host, San Antonio TX

I consider myself an educated person. I didn’t realize how ignorant
I was in politics and economics until I read
Total Power of One in America...
…it motivated me to get involved, get others too.

—Patricia Patterson-Greeb, book editor, MA degree, English & Literature, Denver CO