Excerpt From TOTAL Power Of ONE in America

Here is how you “pull ‘em over” and “read ‘em your rights,”
their responsibility to the law:

            The U. S. Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land,” because it says so.

You have taken your oath of office to support it because it says so and you said so.

If you take this action, clearly unconstitutional, you violate your oath of office and break the law of the land, by definition committing a criminal act.

If I let, or help you, I become an accessory to your crime.

This should not be necessary, should it?

If you persist in this illegal act you blatantly and willfully break the law.

By the equality provisions of the
Declaration of Independence—the intent of law,
and the U. S. Constitution—the law,
by your actions you give license and authority
to all citizens to break the same laws.
Is that what you want?

Here is what you are doing and why it is wrong.
(Or, ask pointed questions of the action and the law.)

Please think through what you are doing and be sure it is within the
letter, spirit and intent of the Law,
the supreme Law of the land,
the United States Constitution,
which you are sworn to uphold.

            You are challenging the authorities,
invoking the law,
addressing the issue squarely,
and more importantly, creating doubt.

Next, you can publicize it in the many ways you know how.
You may wish to take it up with newspapers,
citizen watchdog groups or other concerned citizens.

Never let an opportunity such as this go by.

Know all you can about your rights and THEIR incumbent responsibilities.

Especially gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Freedom Documents.

Through them you can preserve freedom for yourself and those to come.

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