An important message from a concerned CEO
by Martin Brusse, Chairman and CEO Rocky Mountain Orthodontics

A key objective of our 70-plus-year-old business is “to provide advanced products, systems, and services to help dentists improve the self-image/orthodontic health of patients.” Till recently “self-image” meant to us, harmonious dental and facial appearance.

The following experience showed self-image to be much more.

In 1999, we attended an orthodontic dental conference in Taiwan, China.  Rocky Mountain Orthodontics was identified as a company dedicated to “self-image/orthodontic health” by a Chinese newspaper and radio station. One of the people visiting RMO’s exhibit—an engineer, not a dentist—asked me
(in English) about these “self-image” announcements.

I showed this volunteer teacher of children how our computer-aided diagnostic simulations and interceptive pediatric orthodontics helped youngsters.  He was quite impressed but clearly had other concerns. To him, “self-image” was not solely related to physical appearance.  It was more about how a child or adult saw his or her relationships to God, family, work, business and societal groups within which one lived, including one’s
economic and political system.

I finally realized this man was concerned about the philosophical roots, and historical ideas and assumptions that are taught or spontaneously passed on. This self-image building process helps to unite generations and build individual lives.

What are different countries and cultures passing on?  What will future societies be like? This Chinese visitor esteemed the individual freedom/responsibility paradigms developed in America. He admired America’s self-image—the sacrifices and advancements Americans have made for human civilization. He showed a great concern for the continuity of America’s legacy.

The next week, while flying home from the Orient, four humbling and chilling thoughts came to my mind:

1.  As a youngster I was immersed in informal self-image “Americanizing” influences within my family and most of my growing up experiences.  For instance, Henry Clay Caldwell, my great grandfather from my mother’s side, grew up on a frontier farm near Chief Blackhawk’s grave in the state of Iowa. He served as a colonel in the Iowa Cavalry during the Civil War. He was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln to be Circuit Court Judge over the largest judicial area in the USA. Stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas, his diligent circuit traveling, his regard for teaching of the U. S. Constitution, and his concern for the common man in both the South and the North developed him into one of the most respected judges in America. In spite of many such positive Americanist inputs, I did not understand and truly respect the American legacy. Why?

2.  After two semesters in a very good college, and three years with the 10th Mountain Division during World War II, in 1945 I came home convinced the world had outgrown America, that world socialism within the United Nations was the wave of the future. And, I had other faulty assumptions. Why?

3.  America’s children are 28% of our population and 100% of our future. They are bright, energetic, and their potential is boundless.  However, they face tremendous negative, anarchical, hope-destroying influences.  Classroom education can no longer be counted on to meet this challenge. Informal family and small group discussions on the beauties, strengths and genius of America are needed.

4.  Thanks to my wife, my parents, an uncle, RMO, a special Dartmouth College professor, other wonderful people and organizations, I have learned much about the war of ideas that engulf us. After 40 years, I am beginning to understand. But it seems that global collectivist socialism is winning the war of ideas. How can this be averted?

After reading Fred Holden’s remarkable Book-in-Brief that is the introductory summary of his TOTAL POWER OF ONE IN AMERICA I thought, “Wow…here it is! This is the puree of the stuff of our country, and our people don’t get it anymore.” The complete 608-page book fills out that summary with in-depth discourse on each important topic. It is what I have been seeking, finding and learning for 40 years.

Today’s abounding growth of confusion and nihilism can be stopped. Young and old can utilize the summary book or the full book. Groups of three or more can develop new horizons and depth of understanding, not taking 40 years, but only 30 weeks. Try for a 15-to-30 minute discussion each week.

       The Power of ONE will enable you to make a difference in restoring the American self-image in your areas of influence. We hope your sharing this classical liberal learning experience will help others.

Martin Brusse, CEO/Chairman of the Board
Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, Inc, Denver, Colorado 80202


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Following are reproductions from Martin Brusse's contribution and enthusiasm for TOTAL Power Of ONE in America.
Keep in mind that a Full page ad in either of Denver's Major Papers at the time was around $10-$12,000 Per Issue
That is a pretty serious commitment to a book in which he truly believed.
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You are in good company with TOTAL Power of ONE in America, our "Missing in Action" education.


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