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The Crime of the Century

The very definition of Personal Functional Obsolesence

A Systematic, Organized, Focused, Well Funded, Perfectly Implemented
Litteral Attack on YOUR personal Sovereignty

Sovereingty could very easily be the biggest word in any language, BUT in the united States, it's even bigger.

In America, a REPUBLIC not a Democracy ( do you know the difference? )
YOU are bigger than 435 Congressman, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 1 President.
That's Right ~ all of those people ganging up together are NOT bigger than YOU!

Why? Because in a REPUBLIC the "Rule of Law" Prevails
and Law applies to EVERYONE, YES Even The Government.

Dumbed Down:
Adolph Hitler once said, If you want to conquer a Nation, "Raise Their Children".
What is the best way to do that? Destroy the family as a unit.
Create the idea that a Womens movement will create Equality.
In Fact, What that did was begin the systematic destruction of the Family as a unit.
Please don't mis-understand, women belong in the workplace, as much as men do,
AND they deserve to earn what a man earns for the same work,
"IF" they choose career over family,
But if you think for one milisecond that rasing a successful family is NOT a career
You have been dumbed down to such a degree that you are most likely in need of an intervention.


If a women successfully raises a family and a home, she should be able to walk into any business anywhere
and walk out with a new "career" when the nest is empty.
On the job training is far superior to "Classroom EDUCATION" any day of the week.
We have been dumbed down into believing something that just aint so.

Numbed Up:
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.
Program, Program, Program.
TV, Movies, Radio, Music, Video Games!
What do YOU flood your head with?
We have the ability to think ~ use it.
A man will come to believe anything he tells himself enough times ~ even if it is a lie.
The Weapon of Mass Distraction - The Television - has all the potential in the world to teach,
And has it ever ~ What In The HELL did we Learn?
It ok to Lie, Cheat and Steal if you work on Wall Street ~ It's ok to go to war ~ War is Glamorous ~
~ Blowing things up and killing people is OK, even cool ~
~ We are in a war that will not be over in our lifetimes ~
~ It's ok to NOT ALLOW an Independent Forensic Examination on the worst event in America Since Pearl Harbor ~
~ It's OK to occupy other countries whenever WE Want To for whatever reason ~
~ Politicians don't have to Honor their "Oath and Affirmation" to protect our Constitituion ~
~ It's Ok to have the largest prison population per capita of any country in THE WORLD ~
~ It's OK that 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the worlds people own 90% of the worlds wealth, ARE WE NUTS? ~
~ It's OK to have Fiat money instead of money with value ARE WE NUTS? ~


Tuned Out:
When we flood our head with wrong thoughts
(Like you have no power to get a handle on corrupt politicians)
we get appathetic. You have the ability to think ~ Use It.
Where are we today?

Turned Off:
When you plant the wrong seeds, the wrong garden grows.
Our Process in America is so perfect, so powerful and so absolute
that our Misuse, Misunderstanding, and Misguided direction
has brough upon us the very ills from which we suffer.
Time to re-evaluate our own personal involvement.
Contrary to popular, indoctrinated belief, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL.
We were well on the way, but allowed ourselves to get hijacked.
In less than 200 years we went from covered wagons to the moon.
Now we have lost fully 50 years of advancement allowing a Socialist Mentality to purvade our country.