Angels of the Book

“Visionary” Power of ONE Sparks New Edition of TOTAL Power
By Fred Holden, Author, TOTAL Power of ONE in America,
       What is the power of a truly interested person, an encouraging comment, a generous gesture? It’s the power to change the course of events for a person, project, even a nation. Call them what you will—enabler, encourager, supporter. Each one, perhaps including you, can truly change the future. To learn how, read on.
Can one person make a difference? Yes, and it is not that hard. An enormous difference may be prompted in the normal course of one’s work or profession. Eye physician and surgeon Dr. Malcolm Tarkanian is proof positive.
As his long-time patient, I got my eye exam two years ago. With tests complete, lights low and my eyes dilated, this ardent fan of TOTAL Power of ONE in America, asked, “How is the book doing?” Not only had I spoken several times to his Kiwanis Club; he had bought books to share with friends and colleagues.

“It’s been a great ride, but it’s over,” I replied.

“What do you mean ‘over’?” he asked.

“I’ve sold all but a few books so it is out of print.”

His voice rose, “What do you mean ‘out of print?’ That book must remain available. It’s too valuable and too important to let ‘go out of print.’”

I explained, “It took me too long to get the first printing sold. There’s no money left to reprint, so it’s over.”
“What would it take to bring the book back?”

I said, “Good question. If, on a pre-publication sales basis I could sell 50 cases for $400 each (saving over $270 for the $29.95 book), I could do another printing. I would have to rely on people and businesses I knew to trust me for a year or two, to deliver the goods, or other-wise return the money.”

Dr. Tarkanian has been delighted with TOTAL Power’s style, format and message.  He says, “It’s like a ‘Bible’ of the American way of life touching on many subjects including ethics, economics, history, politics, business, government and much more. It remains on my current bookshelf along with other classics and reference manuals because it is really a very usable manual about life.”

In the dimmed light I could see Dr. Tarkanian writing a new lens prescription for my eyeglasses. He pushed it across the desk to me and began to update my chart, I thought. He turned to me with a meaningful smile and handed me a piece of paper. “We need to keep that book in print. Here’s my check for $400 for a case. Get started and bring the book back.”
Were my dilated eyes leaking? What a beautiful gesture and powerful message—a strong sign the book indeed needed to be back in print. During the ensuing months I made arrangements to get the new edition underway while establishing prepublication sales with friends and supporters to fund it.

I had forgotten one small thing. The book was originally composed on an ancient Kaypro II computer. Its operating system had gone the way of the dodo bird and the files were converted to the newer personal computer, PC format. Soon after the book was printed its producers had a disk crash, no backup, and lost the files. They pledged to restore them if I were to reprint, and did. Over a period of months they scanned the book to recreate the files. I had to assure they exactly duplicated the first edition, then update it.

Scanners are very creative. They make things up, leave things out and duplicate things. This required me to painstakingly restore the book paragraph-by-paragraph, sentence-by-sentence, word-by-word, then update all of it, requiring over a year.

An unexpected bit of good came from it. On over 625 talk shows with the book I many times admitted to listeners that the 608-page book might appear intimidating. To “read” it quickly, I advised them to read the introduction for an overview, the 26 half-page chapter summaries, and “happy ending” last chapter, for the content, flavor and flow of the book. Taking my own advice, I put this up front in the new edition, and called it The Book-in-Brief, which became a stand-alone publication.

Subtitled, “Discover What You Need to Know, Why and How to be a More Powerful Person and Citizen,” the book, says Dr. Tarkanian, describes how we should cherish our hard-earned gift of freedom. “I cannot express how wonderfully it has provided the knowledge and understanding about how America works and what we as enlightened citizens can do to make it work even better.”

Thanks to the initiating force of this one sensitive, principled and generous person, the book is back in print. It is once again available, popular and in demand.

Martin Brusse, CEO of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Orthodontics thinks the book will help save America and give it a brighter future. He bought 400 books for his employees, and paid for a full page, full-color, book advertisement, “Renewing America’s Self-Image: The time is now.” in Denver’s Rocky Mountain News. Another TOTAL Power booster and supporter, Archer Muncy of Costa Mesa, California says, “you can’t sell from an empty wagon.” He supplied money up front for additional books to improve printing economics, and to have more to get to the American people.

All of this happened because one interested and concerned human being said, “No, that is not going to happen. I will not let it. It will not go out of print and I will be the first to show you it is possible, necessary, even essential.” This is truly the Power of ONE in full force.

That one small gesture made a very big difference, and a powerful book is once again available for those who seek to learn the secrets and gifts therein to improve their lives, communities and country.

What will you do today to be an enabler, encourager, booster—of something or someone? It may be one of the most important things you will ever do.

# # #

Dear Ann Landers,

“Rising Tide of Mediocrity” still looms and dooms

Americans suffer a great disservice—education. From 1983’s indictment, “A Nation at Risk”:
If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves.”

With public education cost at $7,792 per student (1998)*, its “rising tide of mediocrity” still rises:

…the educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people.”

In 1979 I was privileged for five years to be one of perhaps ten people directing a big company’s award-winning employee economic awareness program. I was hooked. My company chairman and CEO, respectively, attributed our country’s ills to “economic illiteracy,” and “misled public opinion.” I had that malady, realizing I did not know much of importance, even with technical and MBA degrees, and 20 years experience in aerospace, industrial chemicals and brewing industries. A lifelong learner and voracious reader, I got “schooling”—courses and subjects, but not education. In those ensuing five years I got the real “rest of the education story,” and a great determination to share it. I left that lucrative, budding career to put it all between two covers.

It took seven years to produce today’s TOTAL Power of ONE in America, which got me on 628 talk shows nationwide. On many I described illiteracy as “the inability to read, write, think, analyze and articulate words, thoughts and ideas.” I call these learning gaps the “8-Ball-Eight” perilous illiteracies: economic, business, political, financial, governmental, constitutional, moral and citizenship.” TOTAL Power bridges all eight.

Some 135 million workers and 68 million students (95 million probably your readers) have lived, experienced, and paid dearly for this educational void. So have our economic and political system, standard-of-living and quality-of life. TOTAL Power provides the education way out. It will take 20 million copies in three years to provide people the information and inspiration for needed change.

= = =

Dear Mr. Holden,
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your book Total Power Of One In America.

We have used this book for the past several years in the eleventh and twelfth grade levels and find that the principles taught therein are excellent in both areas of economics and limited Constitutional government.

We are strong proponents of the free enterprise system and find your book to be a tremendous tool in teaching the freedom philosophy.

You are to be commended for your wonderful book. May I recommend that private, Christian, and public schools review it with the possibility of incorporating it into their educational programs?

Rev. James R. Patrick, Superintendent
East Moline Christian School
900-46th Avenue
East Moline, Illinois 61244

# # #

H O M E   S C H O O L E R   S U C C E S S   T A K E S   M A J O R   L E A P
“TOTAL Power of ONE in America” brings curriculum together for outstanding course integration for more assured student education and life success
” … this book should be on the book shelf of every American citizen, especially every home educator.”  [full quote below]

-Robert L. Ley, Marketing Director, Vision Networking Systems, Indianapolis, IN

To home school your child is a big decision, a bigger commitment, and even greater sacrifice. You want the best possible education for your child and you decided someone had to do it to get it. That someone was you. Today’s flawed education system teaches everything except how to make a living, how to live, and how to understand life. It leaves out so much that is relevant, necessary and important, especially including values, character and personal life philosophy. Something else is needed, and more academic books with their topics, courses and subjects are just not enough. A missing ingredient is needed to bring them all together, give them relevance and importance, and make the education experience the very special gift and challenge it is supposed to be.

As Epictetus said, “Only the educated are free.”

Nothing has changed from “A Nation at Risk,” the education indictment report of 1983:
“If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre
educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of
war. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves, … the educational
foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity
that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people.”

It was recently reported, “about 850,000 of the nation’s 50 million children are being taught at home rather than in schools, mostly by parents who are well-educated and live in cities.”  From this telephone survey of 57,278 households, about 1.7% of American children were home-schooled in 1999. The report says the number could be as high as 992,000 or as low as 709,000, compared to a 1994 census bureau estimate of 360,000 (and 640,000 in 1996, per the Education Department). The results are “a clear portrait of the average home-schooler,” finding, “Parents of home-schoolers are, on average, better-education than other parents–a greater percentage have college degrees–though their income is about the same,” with the vast majority earning less than $50,000, and many earn less than $25,000.” (“Nearly 2% of U.S. kids schooled at home” by Greg Toppo, Associated Press, Rocky Mountain News, p 16A, 8/3/01)

This situation in patently unfair. With the heavy family burden of taxes–income, excise, sales, and especially property taxes to fund the $7,792 per student per year in 1998 (2000 Statistical Abstract of the United States, p 151), the home-schooler parents commitment and sacrifice are mightily magnified. Most families must have two or more jobs, one to support the family, one to pay the taxes governments impose on families. Those who choose to home-school make less money, and spend more, to do so. Unfair.

All the more reason to do the most, spend the least and get the best education possible for your children/students. All the more reason to get the single volume that will make a profound difference, not only in the education of your home-schooled student, but in your life as well. Much of what is in “TOTAL Power of ONE in America” has not been available to the American student. You can learn what professional educators say about it by visiting

On over 625 talkshows nationwide author Fred Holden has described illiteracy as “the inability to read, write, think, analyze and articulate words, thoughts and ideas.”  He calls these learning gaps “The 8-ball-eight perilous illiteracies: economic, business, political, financial, governmental, constitutional, moral and citizenship,” adding, “TOTAL Power bridges all eight.”

This new, exciting and powerful teaching resource is now available, recently updated in the 2001 edition. More than a book, it is a masterful accumulation of knowledge and information, a learning system of preview-read and learn-review, with chapter summaries, 10-questions and quotes, plus an impressive variety of mind-challenging, education-binding and life-enhancing topics. These tie together the unrelated topics, subjects and courses presented in today’s popular education curriculum.

The “missing link” concept is important. Today’s education provides subjects but leaves out a lot. Holden says poetically, “The two obstacles to learning are not to learn and not to be taught. The first is under your control, the second is not.” Some things you can’t learn and can’t teach because they are literally “not there.” Find out more at

Visualize each course as a brick–one brick for mathematics, one for English, one for social studies, another for chemistry, and so on. When you get a full load of bricks you receive a diploma. But are you educated? You get subjects and courses but not education. There is nothing to bring these educational bricks together. The little-taught and less-understood Economics, and more, brings it all together, gives it relevance, and, with an understanding of America’s founding history and Freedom Documents, great importance to each individual, job, career and life. Economics, and more of what is in TOTAL Power of ONE in America, serve as the mortar between the bricks. It gives what a civil engineer might call “structural integrity” to the education process and experience. Such education becomes a strong, organized, make-sense, exciting whole structure that has within it the power to make education and home-schooling powerful, and students more powerful.

It’s all about personal power through knowledge, application and action. Apply “The Magnificent Sword of KIMAX,” a two-edged sword, one a tough, hacking axe edge that says, “You count. You matter. You make a difference.” The other is a cutting-edge success formula: Knowledge (get it), Information (use it), Motivation (develop it), Action (take it), eXcellence (be it). Learn and apply “The Involvement Process” and “The Change Process.”

The book begins with the Power of ONE concept–the immense power of mind and attitude to make a difference with the Power of ONE Creed, “I am ONE, I am only ONE, but I will do, what ONE can do.” Chapter 10 describes the world of work, how to look for and find a job, interview for, get and keep a job, please a boss, get raises and promotion, grow and succeed in the job, turn it into a worthwhile career and life.

You can put to work immediately the human bonding “5-P’s Must Win/Can’t Lose Personal Success Formula” (p 166).

Early chapters explore free enterprise and business (they are different), profit, and the magnificence of character–discipline, honor, integrity. A later chapter explores America’s freedom documents–Declaration of Independence, U. S., Constitution and its incredibly important Bill of Rights. “Lifetime Financial Planning” reveals the importance of saving money for security and peace of mind; “Personal Wellness,” how to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Other chapters explore economic and political systems, and finally how one person can make a difference, one-on-one and one-on-many.

A most surprising benefit is the quality and price of this book and learning system. It is a 6″ by 9,” 608-page, hardbound book with smythe-sewn bindings (the best there is, used for dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books); with up front, 56-page Book-in-Brief for a whole book overview in an hour, handy for preview and review; 26-stand-alone chapters; 42 illustrations; Quick-Scan and detailed Table of Contents; bibliography and 24-page Index. All this, with its powerful, previously virtually unavailable topics, can be owned for less than $30.  Get more information on the book, testimonials, especially from teachers, and how to order at the book’s website,

Robert L. Ley, Marketing Director, Vision Networking Systems in Indianapolis, Indiana, in his laudatory book review, “A Freedom Feast for the Mind” put it this way (this is at in total):

“Fred Holden gives the American people renewed “Power”–TOTAL Power of ONE in
America! Holden says, “Our system of education teaches just about everything
except the three things that matter most–How to make a living, how to live, and how
to understand life, especially in the areas of economics and politics.” The secrets to
citizen empowerment are now exposed in this 600-page American owner’s manual of
information and inspiration, …” ending with, “You can forget the natural fear of learning.

The citizen fun has just begun.”

Four years later, in a bulletin issued to his large religious association he said,
“Through his book, Total Power of ONE in America, Fred Holden encouraged me to
try extraordinary things to impact society.  It is my belief that, along with the Bible,
this book should be on the book shelf of every American citizen, especially every
home educator.  And I make this challenge that you can’t read the last chapter [26]
(after reading the rest of the book) without getting a tear of hope and a powerful
boost to go out and be a TOTAL Power of ONE in America.”

For your home-schooling effort, and a more comprehensive and powerful education for your children and student(s), and for yourself, get “the real rest of the education story” in this mini-encyclopedia, TOTAL Power of ONE in America, custom made for powerful home schooling. It is a dramatic learning, teaching,
training, reference and resource. To learn more, go to