About the Author

             Fred Holden was Director of Economic Affairs for five years leading Adolph Coors Company’s award-winning Employee Economic Awareness Program. He had a staff of 10 people whose only job was to teach Coors employees and others economics, then to share that technology with other corporations and organizations.  Following a year as Director of Public Affairs Research, Fred left the corporate world to write this book which has got him on over 620 talk shows nationwide.

Holden’s goal is to get TOTAL Power of ONE in America in the heads, hands and hearts of 20 million Americans.  “The Great American Book” is an ideal candidate for businesses, corporations and organizations to adopt, promote, sell, give and boost to get out the real “rest of the education story.” To create better understanding, appreciation and support of business, he created a “Business as Teacher” consortium for economic understanding with the theme, “The education solution. A new burst of freedom.” He offers sizable discounts on the Custom Legacy Edition of 300 or more books. With the great price and book, the CEO/president gets the Front Page for his or her special message to stakeholders—employees, clients, customers, prospects and friends.

Since 1987 Holden has been listed in Heritage Foundation’s Annual Guide to Public Policy Experts in the areas of U. S. Government spending and taxation, state and local public finance and economic education. For five years he was a Senior Fellow-Budget Policy at Colorado’s nonpartisan think tank, Independence Institute, and on Denver’s Rocky Mountain News Board of Economists.

Holden has worked since 1996 to form a national movement of citizens to get Congress to substitute a revenue-neutral national retail sales tax for the complex, expensive, wasteful, intrusive and invasive federal income tax and its collection arm the Internal Revenue Service.  NRST—“the choice tax”—is voluntary, anonymous, and discretionary, in a word, private. In 1999 he teamed up with website expert Bruce Douglas to create http://www.supercitizen.com, to build awareness, knowledge and support for NRST.

For 15 years Holden was a member of Colorado and National Speakers Associations, and Denver and National Associations of Business Economists. He was on the speakers bureau, 1987 Commission on the Bicentennial, U. S. Constitution, served on the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies’ 1986 deficit reduction national task force, and twice on the Washington DC-based Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

With BS Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, he worked nine years in aerospace for Hercules Incorporated, plus two years, chemical intermediates manufacture in plastics laboratory and data processing supervision in Utah, Maryland and New Jersey.

In 15 years at Coors in Golden, CO, after earning his MBA he served in resource planning and development, public relations, and 3 ½ years as facilities engineering manager.

Holden in 1984 published The Phoenix Phenomenon, a book that analyzed the growth of government from 1948 to 1982, and its detrimental effect on America’s standard-of-living and quality-of-life. He has lectured in 15 colleges and universities. He knows and communicates the immense Power of ONE in over 1,000 speeches to audiences all over America, especially concerning freedom, government, taxes and citizenship. He has published some 500 articles in newspapers and magazines, including Chemical Engineering, Wealth Building and Colorado Business.  He has been listed in Who’s Who in the World since 1980, Who’s Who in Finance & Industry (1977), Who’s Who in the West (1982), and Who’s Who in America (1993).

He lives in Arvada, a suburb of Denver, Colorado, where he and wife Dottie raised their three daughters, Lori, Sheri and Tami and enjoy (Sheri’s) grandboys, Jake, Ben and Ross.

Holden believes the critical balance towards less government must be restored, that we must all get more involved to: 1) Work with youth in schools to teach them: a) How to make a living, b) How to live, and c) How to understand life; 2) Restore, preserve and strengthen the family; and 3) Help kids learn that drugs, crime, gangs, violence, sex and suicide are not viable solutions to teenage problems.

For a free copy of “Have a Heart: Talk to Kids, Listen to Kids, Let’s STOP the Teen-icide!” send a self-addressed, stamped business envelope to TOTAL Power, PO Box 1900, Arvada, CO 80001.