A Few Good People

We are looking for a few good people. 

Well, 50 to be exact. 

Immediately we are marketing the Web site TotalPowerOfOne.com Subscriptions

Our intention is to become a "Power Of Many" in Education and
coordinated Non-Confrontational, Non-Adversarial Action

Soon, we will be marketing TOTAL Power of ONE In America, the eBook. 

If you are convinced, as we are, that our America is worth saving from its current political mentality,
and, if you have the presence of mind, the hands, head and heart to want to become a “Power of One”
take on the daunting task of signing up subscribers in your state
AND you can actively market Fred Holden’s
“What You Need to Know, Why and How to Be a More Powerful Person and Citizen”

"TOTAL Power of ONE in America" as an eBook ( coming soon... ) as YOUR states Representative.
( Reserve Your eBook here )

We want to hear from you.

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you personally. ( Form Coming Soon...)

And yes, the state representative will participate in the revenues from Both the eBook AND the WebSite.

Thank You


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Campaign for Liberty, The Tax Tea Party, Various Libertarian minded groups,
Tax Honesty Groups too plentiful to mention, Foreclosure Fraud and Banking Fraud Groups,
Groups forming to change our hijacked legal system, Constitutionalists
~ all of these groups, and many, many more,
are all good because their formation is our
best indicator WE ARE waking up
to what is going on around us every day,
that WE ARE Beginning to pay serious attention
to what our elected representatives are doing IN OUR NAMES.

In that sense, TotalPowerOfOne.com offers what no other place offers
and provides what no other place provides  
~ The Knowledge and the Information that has been
Manipulated, Obfuscated, and INTENTIONALLY directed away
from all of us from a very early age,
where the Indoctrination rather than Education process unfolded.

Hitler said it very clearly
“If you want to take over a nation, raise their children.”
And THAT is exactly what happened!

But we can reverse it ~ EFFICIENTLY, COMPLETELY and relatively QUICKLY.

Total Power of One is an indispensable reference to enhance your passion for your cause
and or good government.  There are many examples and ideas you will learn
within these pages that will help you to understand exactly
WHO and WHAT you are in the big picture.  

The Who and the What the Founding Fathers of this country
intended OUR united States to be. 
What America was destined to be, the way and how we were to interact with it
and the role the people of the country were to play.  A Republic.

If we look back just a very few decades we will remember the direction
in which we were headed and it was exciting. 
The entire world not only looked upon this country
with awe and hope but many countries actually
began to take a hold of their economies and copy what we were doing. 
Why is it that America is made up of so many nationalities?

Because THIS was the place to be.

And was it ever.  In less than 200 years we went from Covered Wagons to the Moon.

Peoples from around the orb came here, became Americans, brought their ideas, ideals,
rich heritages, their will to work, invent, create, build, discover and experience
what this concept of Freedom was all about.

We ARE everybody.

America is a broad brush description not of a geographcial area but of an ideology that exists
in the people of perception of what CAN be as opposed to what is or has been indroctinated into us.

Imagine where we would be today if that trend had continued?

We have lost almost 75 years of discovery, invention and creativity to a hijacked system of Political Elitists.

It is well past time to stop the madness and get back on track.

We trusted our Governement to follow the law, Our Constitution and we stopped paying
attention and concentrated on invention and experimentation.

That was a bad idea.

Government created Absolute power while we were busy discovering.

Now we have to take a short excursion back in time holding elected officials feet to the fire and
redirect them to their Oath and Affirmation to Promote, Protect and Defend the
Contract Agreement with "WE THE PEOPLE"
our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

o – o – o – 0 – o – o – o

Where do we go from here?

Let us build TotalPowerOfOne.com to become an independent, non-partisan HUB, where ideas count.
Where a collective voice from which comes a flood of common sense and reason.

Once we conceptualize, through Total Power of One in America, this Who and What we are,
and the Power we have been given simply due to the fact that WE are
once again, the sky will not be the limit.

o – o – o – 0 – o – o – o

If you are interested IN and have a passion FOR what makes
the united States, the united States
and that is our Founding Documents
the Declaration of Independence (the Intent of Law);
Our Constitution (The LAW);
and our all important
Bill of Rights ( the line in the sand over which government cannot step )
that lay the absolute groundwork for our revival,
and truly embrace the idea that
just may be the biggest word in the dictionary of any language on our little orb,
I’d like to talk to you about becoming our
Total Power of One in America
state representative for your state.

It all starts here.

Take a little time to get a feel and flavor for what Total Power Of One is all about.

This is worth the effort and the time, so contact us today.
If you want to make a difference ~ I am confident you will be glad you did!

We are looking for only 50 really motivated people.

There is direction and purpose herein.
This is the right place to get your juices flowing again and get re-invigorated and re-charged
into positive action mode.

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