Todays' Central Biggest Issue
The Second Amendment.
It matters not to me if YOU choose not to learn from the Past.

If you don't like the America's Constitution ~ Let's get you packed up.
The bus awaits.


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Didn't this guy take an "Oath" to Protect and Defend the Constitution against ALL Enemies
Foreign and DOMESTIC.

I guess it doesn't count when YOU are Domestic Enemy #1.
He belongs in the brig, with every other violator of the Oath of Office.

When you bury your head in the sand,
that portion of your anatomy which remains above ground
is subject to abuse... Just a Thought.

It IS YOUR first line of defense against Tyrants, Socialists, Communists, Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Bullies in General.

Australia Gun Ban Figures... ... very similar in other countries as well ...






Still Don't get it? No problem, We Do!


How about this...
You don't like guns, fine, I do, to protect the ones I care about.
I have my gun.
We are in a crowded mall.
Nut job comes in and starts shooting.
Since I have my gun to protect the ones I care about, I leave my gun holstered
right up until the bad guy with a gun threatens me or the ones I care about.

In the mean time, the bad guy shoots 30 people,
then he swings around and points at me,
where upon I draw, shoot one double pull
and down he goes.

"Wow, That was close, he ALMOST GOT ME!"

I'm going home now.