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TOTAL Power of ONE ~ Fred Holden

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Daniel Webster, was an American Statesman and Senator from Massachusetts
during the period leading up to the Civil War. He first rose to regional prominence through his
defense of New England shipping interests, Daniel Webster said,
"Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands.
Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again.
Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."

Two Fold Mission Statement of
One: Make available our missing education to all concerned, through TOTAL Power of ONE in America ~ The eBook
Two: Create a central hub of meaningful activity to ensure our Original Constitution remains intact and viable.

The Power of One Creed:
x x
I Am One, I Am Only One,
But I Will Do, What One Can Do
~ Fred Holden
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... And You Will Be Amazed, Dazed and "Triple-Tazed" At WHAT ONE Can Do ...
Discover Your Power Of One,
Power of One More and
Power of Many More

TOTAL Power of ONE in America "IS"
our "Missing in Action" Education

Take the time and expend the effort to acquire this information
and make it a part of you. You will be glad you did.
This is the important stuff.

The Why?

What others say about TOTAL Power Of ONE in America:
Discover what you need to know,
why and how to be a more powerful person and citizen

Martin Brusse, CEO Rocky Mountain Orthodontics
Thoughts from One of the Angels of the Book


Total Power of One in America is the book for the decade
on self-empowerment for effective citizenship in a free Society ...
… timely for the challenges we face as Americans today,
and timeless in its application of eternal truths.
It will grab you, move you, and just possibly change you forever.

–Colorado State Senator John Andrews, Founder, Independence Institute


Fred Holden knows the truths that helped make America great
and he explains those truths in this valuable book.  A worthwhile read.

—Governor Bill Owens State of Colorado


… should be required reading for every citizen in our nation ...
… teachers and students in our schools ...
… every candidate for elected office, not excluding present members of Congress.

—James B. Warner, president Waterworks Sales Co, Denver CO


… a compendium of wisdom … pointing the way toward the light of freedom

—Dr. Hans F. Sennsholz, past president, Foundation for Economic Education,
Irving-on-Hudson NY


…informative, inspirational and easy to read. I recommend it for students of all ages!

—Pat Miller, president Citizens for Responsible Government, Arvada CO


 ... the only other book you’ll ever need, absolutely outstanding ...
… best reference book I’ve ever had
—Katherine Anderson, past-president, Colorado Union of Taxpayers


Belongs in every home, School, Church and Public Library.
Total Power Of One In America is truly a Masterpiece.
—Dr. Nino Camardese, President Americanism Foundation Norwalk, OH


Points to Ponder

Politics Influences EVERY Aspect of Our Daily Lives
Policies Effected, Rules Made, Laws Enacted

Our system in America is so near-perfect and so powerful
that our misuse, misunderstanding and non-involvment has created
the very things from which we suffer.

The Simplicity is ~ It is time to pay attention. Get Involved.

Contained herein you will find a Conservative, Constitutional Voice.
A Hub of Direction toward positive, constructive, long-lasting action.

Check Your Conventional "Party Affiliation Hat" at the door and come on in!

It has taken many people a long time to
make things as difficult as they have been made.
It does NOT have to be that way!

If YOU have had enough and want to
DRIVE the bus instead of be UNDER the bus
~ this is the right place for you ~

Are we on the same page?

Quote of the Week ~ December
Monday: March 4, 2013
"When an honest man discovers he has been in error,
he will either cease being in error or cease being honest." ~ unknown

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Changes can come from the Power of Many,
but only when the many come together to form
that which is invincible — The Power Of One
— Bryce Courtenay, Author
The Power of One

Not to be confused,
TOTAL Power of ONE in America by Fred Holden
the definitive work of our missing Education.
What you need to know why and how to be a more
powerful person and citizen
and is different from
The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.

We have very craftily been
Dumbed Down, Numbed Up, Tuned Out and Turned Off.

Must one stand back in awe
of the Elitists ability
to manipulate, indoctrinate and drive
a false agenda to the extent it has been?

Discover what you need to know,
why and how to be a more powerful person and citizen

What is the cost of Apathy?

Just the entire free world!